"Music For The Changing Voice" at Talk Is Free Theatre

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Five Points Theatre, 1 Dunlop St. W., Barrie, ON

There will be no April house concert at the TNMH, as Alyssa is busy with her not-a-one-woman show!

A double bill of: Newfie Electra – written by and starring Allison Basha, directed by Mary Ellen MacLean Music For The Changing Voice – created by and starring Alyssa Wright, directed by Rae Smith, with musicians Leslie Arden and Ray Dillard

Music For The Changing Voice

Music For The Changing Voice is a show about finding beauty in the broken, and a voice to oppose the silence.

When my grandfather died, I inherited his cello – the first one I ever heard or played – which came to me shattered in many pieces, uplayable and unfixable. Which kind of mirrors the other thing I inherited from him: the legacy of intergenerational interpersonal trauma.

When I brought my grandfather's broken cello to the luthier and asked him what I could do with it, he shrugged and suggested "make art" – so I've chosen to do that with the other part of my inheritance as well!